Lake Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast
Front gardens

Here is a selection of front gardens and it is amazing what you can do with a small space. It is important that the front garden is tidy and practical as it is in use all year round and it is the first thing that visitors see when they arrive. However they do not have to be boring!

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Front garden with wow factor - an exciting garden to look at!
The client wanted the wow factor. Used resin bonded gravel for the driveway and the paths. Inspiration came from the tile detail set in the render on the front of the house - hence the diagonal theme. This was further enhanced by the purple, maroon and silver planting theme which contrasted beatifully with the colour of the resin bonded gravel.

Raise up your grasses - a front garden that certainly catches the eye!
Nothing grew very well. Wanted low maintenance and had seen a programme on grasses and would like to include these in the planting plan. While excavating to implement the design we discovered a tarmac driveway under the lawn which is the reason nothing ever flourished. Used clump forming grasses with a fabulous stipa in the middle giving some privacy to the picture window. Other planting was low maintenance shrubs with a long flowering season. Decided on a circular theme as there was already a curve in the driveway and this made the front area look larger. The gravel reflects the light and made the whole area look lighter.

Vegetables galore - an alternative and productive front garden.
The client wondered if they could utilize the boring and unused front garden as a vegetable area. Absolutely - but as it was the front and the first thing that visitors see it had to look attractive. Brick edged beds and paths defined the area and would look good all year round. The central bed was for sweet peas and annual cutting flowers to give colour and scent during the summer months. The size of the beds was determined by the size of the windows so they all looked in proportion.

A curvy front garden - reluctant to leave, and a pleasure to come back to.
A plant enthusiast wanted low maintenance but still wanted a grass area in the front and also more parking. As the house had curved features these were reflected in the design. A brick edged circular lawn meant no clipping of edges, could just mow over. Planting for colour all year round, including evergreens, scented shrubs amd long-flowering perennials.

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