Lake Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast
Back gardens

The following selection of back gardens show what you can achieve in a garden whether it is small, large, long or narrow. All these gardens reflect the clients personality and no two gardens are the same.

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Garden of two halves - sweeping curves and lush planting.
Plant enthusiast, patio area with pond, didn't want to see all of the garden in a single view, seating area at the top. Divided the garden into two, separated by deep beds for a range of unusual plants. An arbour at the top presented a different view of the garden. The client enjoyed planting the garden himself.

Garden for all seasons - amazing what you can do in a small space.
Average size garden, low maintenance, area for feeding birds and entertaining. Slopes up and away from the house. Created three distinct areas, and got rid of the grass (a very high maintenance garden chore). Area closest to the house for entertaining and barbeques, steps up to the next area with a central birdbath surrounded by herbs and seating areas. The third area - more relaxed with a gazebo and bird feeding area. Trellis on both boundaries allows light to filter through creating a garden of light and relaxation.

Courtyard garden - the atmosphere was cosy and relaxing as the client wished.
A long garden but the client just wanted somewhere to sit and entertain and still see the garden. A pergola frame wound around the whole area created a feeling of privacy and framed the rest of the garden. A secluded corner for entertaining and a raised bench area for quiet contemplation. Gravel reflects light making the whole area seem brighter.

Garden with rooms - a surprise around every corner.
A very long wish list! Barbeque area, herb area, extra seating, utility area, white flowers, colour and scent all year round. A very busy design but one that worked superbly. Paths link all the areas together. The old apple tree had a new lease of life by building a brick wall around the base that also provided extra seating when required. There is a private garden just outside the patio doors that leads into the white flower garden. There is a trellis-screened utility area with scented climbers. On the other side of the garden there is a lovely circular lawn that made the garden look bigger with a barbecue and herb area near the kitchen.

Garden that follows the sun - very different from the original garden!
Typically long thin garden with the sun shining on the patio doors first thing in the morning and setting at the other end of the garden in the evening. Client likes to entertain and contemplate and wanted seating areas in the sun. Designed three patio areas. The main one being by the house for breakfast and morning coffee. The small patio in the middle of the garden enjoys the midday sun. The patio towards to the far end of the garden is for entertaining friends in the evenings. There is also a utility area with greenhouse, shed, compost bins and bonfire area, screened by trellis and scented climbers. There are majestic steps leading to a pebble mosaic in a Rennie Mackintosh inspired design. Further paths connect all the patio areas together. Planting was for year round interest.

Modern garden - a real hotspot!
A very strong design to match a modern home designed by the architect owner. The design was set on the diagonal, creating a lovely seating area for entertaining and deep borders for Meditterrean plants. Framed by white washed walls, the area became reminiscent of the client's holidays abroad. The paving took on a new life as when approached from one direction it appeared straight, yet from another direction it appeared diagonal.

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